Peri-urban informal settlements in Embakasi and Kamukunji sub-counties, Nairobi County


Under the DFID-MNH program, UNICEF works in Nairobi’s two sub counties Kamukunji and Embakasi with an aim of decongesting MNH CEmONC Centres of Excellence; support BEmONC centres. In addition, they improve quality and throughput of service delivery in BEmONC and CEmONC Centers.

Decongest CEmONC Centres of Excellence

  • UNICEF is supporting the provision of a Mama Pack to incentivize women delivering at identified BEmONC Centers to decongest the CEmONC Centers.  They also support infrastructure improvements in BEmONC Centers and establish two new delivery centers. Infrastructure improvements include renovating maternity ward, building incinerators, establishing perimeter walls and improving the green energy profile for health centers (solar lighting and LED lights)

Increasing quality of service at BEmONC and CEmONC Centres

  • Improving the skills of health workers through training in BEmONC, Chlorhexidine use, Kenya Quality Model for Health, MPDSR, Communication for Development and Interpersonal skills.
  • Procurement of essential equipment and drugs for both maternal and neonatal care
  • Supporting the establishment of systems such as Quality Improvement Teams, Work Improvement Teams, Maternal and Perinatal Audit Committees, Asset registers, Facility Health Committees,
  • Establishing a Social Accountability mechanism to ensure facilities are listening to their clients and implementing client centered improvements in policy and practice.
  • Supporting the County to establish a Human Resources for Health Management Plan.

Increasing throughput of BEmONC Centres

  • Supporting community level activities to increase community demand for services at BEmONC facilities through:
  • Enhancing the profile of the health facilities through maternity tours for antenatal mothers
  • Promoting skilled delivery through health promotion by community units
  • Supporting community – health facility communication through community dialogue days
  • Establishing and training community units attached to Centers of Excellence in cMNCH, cIMCI and verbal autopsy

Despite the investments made to date and current MNH activities, there are opportunities for improving MNH outcomes related to the following priority gaps: 

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