Clean Energy Conference


In a showcase of diverse breakthrough technology and solutions for sustainable clean energy technology, a mix of business leaders and policy makers congregated at Safari Park Hotel grounds to deliberate renewable energy efficiencies and clean energy investments in Kenya. A few paces from the conference centre, were exhibition stalls occupied by a mix of multinational energy companies as well as ambitious innovative start ups showcasing their cutting edge technologies in sustainable clean energy. Appealing life-size product exhibits and eloquent company representatives with the desire to connect with and create business opportunities, relentlessly pitched their products and services to the conference delegates. Among the exhibitors was the appropriately branded CICF exhibition stall vividly displaying its brand.

As the conference delegates streamed to the CICF stall, the initial goal for the team was to understand which component of renewable energy the individual visitors were involved in. Once this was understood, the team would introduce CICF objectives and relate them to the visitor’s product or service. From use of various products including, but not limited to, modest solar lanterns, installation of off-grid solar panels to health facilities and provision of solar powered streetlights and water pumps to facilitate access to health centers, the team explored diverse solutions that if implemented, had a chance in reducing maternal health and neonatal mortality. The two-day exhibition provided an important forum to demonstrate how clean energy stakeholders could contribute to addressing the three delays of decision to go to a healthcare facility, means to get to the facility and quality healthcare provided once at the healthcare facility.