Afya Research Africa

County: Homa Bay

Project Title: The Ubuntu-Afya Kiosk Project: Bridging the Last Yard in Maternal and Newborn Health Services

In Homa Bay County, 1 mother dies for every 171 successful deliveries, and 1 newborn dies for every 37 born. Poor access to antenatal, obstetric and post-natal care largely contribute to these dismal statistics. Besides, the daily strife of ekking out livelihoods makes it difficult for the rural poor of Homa Bay to create time for maternal and newborn health care.

ARA will set up community medical centres, known as Ubuntu-Afya Kiosks, in Homa Bay. The medical centres are co-owned by communities organized into cooperative societies. The community groups develop enterprises whose income cross-subsidizes the costs of providing Maternal and Neonatal Health (MNH) services and promotes positive cash flow. The medical centres are run by clinical officers and Community Health Volunteers (CHVs) who have a stake in the enterprise. The centres provide services and products at a subsidized cost. ARA will support the medical centres to develop systems for better MNH data management using STONE-HMIS®,

By twinning the MNH service with other enterprises, ARA ensures sustainability in settings where there would never be adequate client numbers or clinical income to support health enterprise.

The project will increase access to MNH services for mothers and newborns in Homa Bay and improve the quality of care they receive.

The project will be implemented by Afya Research Africa in collaboration with Homa Bay County Health Management Team, Community Self Help Groups and Community Based Organizations in Homa Bay.