Gertrudes Children’s Hospital

County: Garrisa

Project Title: TeleAfya Project: Enhancing Public-Private Partnerships in the Delivery of Maternal and Newborn Health Services in Garissa County through technology

In Garissa County, pregnant women, mothers and newborns struggle to gain access to healthcare facilities. The women and children often lack funds and transport for the long distances separating them from the care they need. Besides, healthcare failities are understaffed, which hinders the provision of quality matermal and newborn healthcare.

The TeleAfya project will set up a telemedicine centre that will connect health facilities in Garissa to Gertrude’s Children’s Hospital’s existing telemedicine platform. Mothers and newborns with complex cases who are referred here will consult with specialists on camera, receive treatment, and be referred to a hospital if necessary. Besides, the project will develop the m-Wallet health platform, through which mothers can receive funds on their mobile phones for health services at designated health facilities. The funds, received via M-PESA, will be locked so they can only be used for this purpose.

By helping more women and children in hard-to-reach areas to receive adequate specialist care,  this project will save lives.

Gertrude’s Children’s Foundation will work closely with the sub-county health management team, CHVs, the private health facilities and the M-PESA team to implement the project.