Pathfinder International

County: Homa Bay

Project Title: Community-Facility linked Continuous Quality Improvement Model (CFCQI) For Improving MNH Services

Homa Bay County has a very high maternal and neonatal death rate (91/1000 live births; 130/1000 under 5). Many women in the county have high risk pregnancies, yet timely and adequate emergency obstetric care is not readily available. Rather, they are more likely to be attended by unskilled birth attendants (59%), and to receive poor quality post-natal care. This situation persists due to the weak linkages between the community and the health facilities that provide MNH care. Among the key issues are poor quality of service, including disrespectful care; delayed diagnosis, referrals and attendance; and low community MNH literacy and male involvement.

The CFCQI project aims to improve the quality of care that mothers and newborns receive in target healthcare facilities in Homa Bay County. Respectful care that is responsive to the mother and child will  encourage mothers to seek out the services throughout the MNH care continuum, from prepregnancy to pregnancy, delivery, neonatal and postnatal care.

To encourage mothers to seek out MNH care, the project will promote health literacy that includes and involves men and strengthen household-community–facility linkages for timely diagnosis and referral
of risky pregnancies and emergency cases. The more knowledgeable clients are then likely to make informed decisions to seek care.

The project will enhance quality and responsiveness for MNH service provision, increase safe pregnancies and deliveries in the county, and promote timely detection and referrals of high-risk pregnancies, thus reducing the likelihood of maternal and newborn deaths.

Pathfinder international will collaborate with the Homa Bay county CHMT and sub-county teams to set up structures for possible roll-out of the CFCQI.