RCTP Faces

County: Homa Bay

Project Title: Electronic Maternal Child Health Record (eMCHR)

Healthcare providers rely on five key health registers to provide quality care to mothers and newborns: Antenatal care (ANC), Maternity, Postnatal care (PNC), Immunization, and Child Welfare Clinic registers. Maintaining separate healthcare records for mother and child is a lot of work for understaffed healthcare workers and often results in unavailability of vital records. Since the health of mother and child are inextricably linked, RCTP-FACES aims to link their healthcare registers as well, to improve the quality of healthcare they receive.

The electronic Mother Child Health Record (eMCHR), which will be developed by RCTP-FACES and introduced in Homa Bay County, will be a web-based, user-friendly, record combining all five key Maternal Neonatal Child Health (MNCH) registers. Using eMCHR, mothers and their healthcare providers will be able to interact in real time. Providers will receive automated text messages regarding mother-baby care needs, including reminders of necessary and missed services, pregnancy danger signs, and information on delivery and new-borns.

The automated alerts will reduce missed visits as mothers will be contacted and reminded to attend the clinic. By availing crucial information to healthcare providers, the eMCHR will result in early and accurate identification and timely interventions for at risk mothers and their children. The eMCHR will enhance the health of mother and baby, paired together to encourage 4 ANC visits, skilled delivery, and postnatal attendance, which are associated with better maternal child health.

The eMCHR will be introduced at select clinics in Homa Bay County and can easily be scaled up to the rest of the county and nationally.